I have been very lucky. I’m healthy, have married a wonderful woman who shares my life with me, live in a great home outside of Boston, Massachusetts in the USA, and am financially secure. I have had a fantastic career in high-tech marketing and worked with extraordinary people both during my tenure at Sun Microsystems, as well as afterwards in several other companies and as a successful consultant. My parents are both gone, but they lived full, happy lives and their memory is a joy to both me and my brothers.

Kate, my wife, and I have no kids, but instead, we have had cats, and a contractor. We are serial renovators, having changed every inch of our home, sometimes several times, to suit us precisely, over 28 years. Kate is 14 years older than me and has been mostly retired for the past decade or so. A few years ago, I was laid off from my last company – a start-up in need of a different kind of marketing than what I brought to the table. With our age difference, I knew that if we were going to enjoy a retirement together it would have to start soon. So we asked our finance guy the big question: “Have we reached the F.U. number yet?” He assured us we had, so I said, “F.U.” to the working world.

Kate and I
Kate and I

We’ve been doing a lot more traveling, and I’ve been pursuing my interests: technology, art and music and culture, food and cooking, and trying new things. For instance, we just traded our 2nd car in for two motor scooters last year. I post a lot of immediate experiences to Facebook where my friends can follow along with our adventures. But lately I’ve been digging deeper into some new interests that don’t lend themselves to quick one-off Facebook posts. This is where I’ll write more about these things – mostly for my own entertainment and enlightenment, but hopefully you who are reading this will enjoy it too. But if nobody but me reads it, that will be fine. I have always found that writing about things – forcing myself to express ideas in words – makes me mull things over and over until I understand them better. So this is for me – helping me solidify my understanding and capture my experiences.

I hope you enjoy it though, and I hope you’ll engage with me through comments!

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